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Security Collection Agency provides custom-designed collection services with the flexibility that allows you to choose the range of services that best matches your collection philosophy and generates the most revenue for your bottom line.

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About SCA

SCA is aggressive in its pursuit of collections the procedures employed are geared toward prevention of harassment and intimidation of its client's customers.

SCA Processes

SCA utilizes a problem solving approach, in conjunction with a thorough follow-up process. This leads to greater debt recovery rates and fewer customer complaints.

SCA Services

SCA understands that it works for its clients and never forgets that optimum service is the only acceptable product worth providing.

Authorize ACH/Debit Recurring Payments

IMPORTANT: If you are looking to make a payment on an existing bill, please use "Pay Online" at the top of the page.
In order to cancel and or change this authorization, notification should be made 48 business hours prior to next debit or ACH transaction at (800) 849-7152
Call our hotline for inquiries (252-482-1559)
Recurring Single

SCA will spare no effort to protect its client's reputation.

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